Pedal Pullers

Pedal Power Fun for Kids!

Kid-Powered Thunder

Super-modified, high performance, ground shaking pedal tractors. What more could a child ask for? These are not your father’s pedal tractors. Geared wa-a-a-a-y down, big wheels to sit wa-a-a-a-y up, these monsters are impressive to look at and a dream to drive. And the kids get all the fun!

This is not your Grandaddy’s Tractor

Whether you like your tractors green or blue, or something else, Pedal Pullers has the iron for you. Pullers have pulled over 400 lbs. the full length of the track. Starting at 75 lbs. for four-year olds, the weight increases for older kids, and increases even more for each round. If you pull the full distance, 25 feet, you come back for the next round and pull even more. How much can you pull, and how far can you pull it?

Show it Off!

Every participant goes home with a scorecard featuring your event in the header with the results of each of their pulls recorded below. This is a great keepsake that keeps your event in focus all year long as it is admired on the refrigerator door.

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