All-Alaskan Racing Pigs

Pedal Pullers

The Famous All-Alaskan Racing Pigs are a team of the fastest and funniest athletes to serve up entertainment anywhere! Flat-track racing and hurdling are their specialties, but a good gag is always on the menu. Sourdough Jack and Soapy Smith have been cooking up fun since their first races in Fairbanks, Alaska. Don’t miss them at a fair or festival near you – You Never Sausage a Show! Read More

Climb On, Sit Down, Grab Hold, and Blast Down the Track! Pedal Pullers action is the best kind – the kids get to be the stars of the show. Custom-built pedal tractors, real weight-pull sleds, kids having REAL FUN! Put your guests right in the middle of the action. Kids love it, moms love it, you’ll love it. Dads be jealous. Read More

All-Alaskan Racing Pigs

April 2019

A big month! Anthony joins us at the Washington State Spring Fair. We are expecting a little sun, a little rain, a little wind, a lot of fans and Oh What a Race! Conditions are always good in Puyallup, and the fans are always great. From there it is off to SoCal. The little yellow ball is a little closer there, so the racing is hotter too, right? And adding to the excitement is Dallas hopping on board. He will be making the trip as both units head down I-5. Santa Barbara Fair & Expo is the first stop. Earl Warren Show Grounds is an iconic animal venue, though porcine athletes are not the historic stars. We aim to claim a little of the equine glory. Let’s have some fun!

Then the teams split up and move to San Bernardino for the National Orange Show and Merced for the Merced County Spring Fair. Two completely different places, but still some of the finest racing pig fans in the world.

March 2019

Sun in Arizona! Chandler Ostrich Festival, here we come. The drive south is a sweet anticipation. City to city, warm to warmer, great fun to more great fun. Dessert in the Desert. The athletes think that cold chocolate chip cookies are good, but wait until they taste them warm.

February 2019

There is nothing like Spring Training to warm up a cold winter day. Some sports fans like to sit around a hot stove and prognosticate on the upcoming season. We have a different kind of pot belly in mind and we are sure that racing this year will be better than ever. The latest recruits arrived on February 1 and settled into brand new housing at training camp. Finish construction was going on even as the athletes we unpacking and moving in. Another new season and we are excited! The racers are in spring training and loving it. What’s not to like about chocolate chip cookies for dessert? Ahhhh, the good life.

Our first stop is Pikes Place Market. Seattle will be rockin’ and the pigs are going to love all the attention. Get the word out to all your friends and family in the great northwest and make sure they are at the Market on March 1 to help celebrate the Year of the Pig.

Time to get back to the fun. Playing with the pigs at the farm is as good as it gets.