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The Famous All-Alaskan Racing Pigs

Talk about Hog Heaven!

This is a fun job, unless you don’t like making people happy! Check out our schedule and see where the Famous All-Alaskan Racing Pigs will be going in 2020. Traveling with the racing pigs is great fun, a great way to see the country and a great way to meet good people. The fair business brings together the best people anywhere. Among the entertainers, vendors, fair staff, support staff, and guests at the fair, you will find people who enjoy life and like to bring enjoyment to others. Be one of them.

The Season

A typical season starts in spring or early summer and ends in October, so the jobs are seasonal. We can customize a shorter work season for someone who isn’t available the whole season.

Seattle Seahawks

In 2017 we capped off the year with a trip to Seattle to put on a halftime show for the Seahawks! We were all-day guests and received VIP treatment all day. That day will be top of our minds for a long time!

— Positions —


The golden voice of the All-Alaskan Racing Pigs. We provide the initial script and work with you to customize your show. Announcing experience not necessary, but performing experience of some type is helpful. Mostly we are looking for good attitude. If you are coachable we can teach you how to do this.


The elite pig wranglers of the world. Primary care-giver for the racing pigs and stage director during the show. Experience with animals helpful but not essential. These lovable little guys are easy to care for and deserve lots of TLC. We can teach you everything you need to know. If you love to love animals, you have what it takes.

All-Star Team

Some of our teams are pairs of announcers who share announcing duties. Both make the higher Announcer pay level and in most cases share all the tasks associated with the show. This is the arrangement we prefer.


This is a great job for couples

Join Us

We all sincerely enjoy what we do. The pigs are fun, the crowds are wonderful and a fairgrounds is a great place to spend your day. Since we enjoy our work and have fun while we’re doing it, the spectators enjoy the show that much more. This is the attitude we are looking for.

Travel Around

We pay all travel expenses except food and personal items. The monthly pay is good and you earn bonuses as well.

If you are able to travel and think you would enjoy working with our show let us know.

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