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The Racing Pig and Pedal Puller shows are suitable for all types of events. Indoors, outdoors, in town, out in the country. Grass, asphalt, gravel, concrete, any surface can be turned into a high-speed raceway. If you have a gathering that wants to have fun, we can be there.

Pedal Pullers

Climb On, Sit Down, Grab Hold, and Blast Down the Track! Pedal Pullers action is the best kind – the kids get to be the stars of the show. Custom-built pedal tractors, real weight-pull sleds, kids having REAL FUN! Put your guests right in the middle of the action. Kids love it, moms love it, you’ll love it. Dads be jealous.

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Animals and People

Responsible Animal Care

Our porcine athletes travel and live in comfort. The Piggy Penthouse is fully insulated, air conditioned, and heated. A water system with storage for travel keeps them hydrated on the track and off. We change bedding twice daily, keeping everyone clean and bright. The interior is washed and sanitized at least daily. Security is a priority. We keep these guys safe everywhere we go.

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